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What's next for you?

Maybe you have slipped into a comfortable groove: A decent job, reliable income, benefits, free coffee. 

But there’s something calling to you, or gnawing at you. 

It’s natural. We are evolving, creative beings. And "what’s next" is intriguing, interesting, and fun to think about.  

Maybe it's a side hustle. A passion project. Maybe you want to play a bigger game on a bigger stage. Or pivot into something new.  

But what’s next is also impractical. The path isn’t clear. The answers don’t come easy.

And—worst of all—you have to figure it out alone. 

That’s why we are here. 

To give you what you need so you can create what’s next: Encouragement. Answers. Guidance. And even tough love when it's required.

One thing is for sure, we are more fearless in the pursuit of our dream work when we're together.

"When I first came to Fearless, I wanted to start a podcast. Since I joined, I have launched that podcast and launched a scripted audio series. and also launched a non-profit. Without Fearless, I would have been stuck in first gear with my ideas."  

- Claire Compos-O'Neil, Podcast Host

"I found Greg helped me really get to the essence of my brand. He's been incredibly helpful to me for clearly articulating my value for prospective clients and in networking conversations.” 

- Scott McAllister, Executive Coach and Advisor

"You are a gift, Greg. The short videos and diagrams complement all your lessons. Your passion and expertise shine through as you support us to build authentic brands." 

- April Miranda, Author, Move with Love

Fearless Brands is a community dedicated to helping you get paid to do what you love.

Beyond the unlimited access to the network, coaching, courses, events, content, and guidance in a profoundly positive and safe community setting, here's what you can expect:

  • Personal training for your career

  • Access to world-class coaching 

  • Tap into a powerful network of friends who want you to win

  • Develop your persuasion and sales skills

  • Learn how to stand out in a crowded market 

  • Tips and tricks to forge deeper relationships with customers

  • Guidance on marketing systems to help amplify your efforts

  • Access to tools and templates to accelerate your progress

  • Understand how to prioritize needs and take effective action

  • Prototype ideas in a safe-to-fail environment, 24/7 feedback loop

  • Daily inspiration and a personal hype team for when you need a lift 

  • Practical guidance and how-tos on building your presence

About Greg, Your Fearless Host:

If you see yourself as a lone wolf, an independent thinker, or a unique creator, I can relate. I’ve run my own businesses for the past 20 years. Entrepreneur, brand strategist, and writer, I help big thinkers go bigger. I am committed to helping people and companies build indelible brands. I work with authors, entrepreneurs, executives, and artists to build their brand presence.

Fearless Brands will accelerate your progress.

Fearless is an open and innovative collective dedicated to helping you build your brand and business. Whether you're creating your own venture, trying to land your next gig, or presenting yourself as a thought leader, this is a unique place to understand and develop your brand to build maximum momentum for yourself. From brand newcomers to brand pros, all are absolutely welcome.

The Fearless tenets we all live by.

We are fearless in supporting each other as we create our brands. 

We are fearless in learning new branding skills and habits together in the spirit of building unforgettable, differentiated, profitable brands.

We are fearless in sharing and exploring new opportunities, new ideas, and our boldest aspirations.

We are fearless in realigning our work-life with our deepest, most meaningful values, and dreams. 

We are fearless in our pursuit of getting paid to do the work we love. Because if we do the work we love, we can light up the world.